Europa League Group Stage Draw on FridayAll eyes are on the Europa League group stage draw. In fact, the teams are looking forward to seeing who they are going to face in the next phase of the tournament. Rangers manager Steven Gerrard said they want to face Manchester United. 

The Rangers managed to qualify to the group stage after Alfredo Morelos scored the winning goal at stoppage time against Legia Warsaw last Thursday. The last time the Rangers met Manchester United was in 2010. According to pay per head news archives, Wayne Rooney was the hero in the 1-0 victory of Man U at Ibrox. 

Gerrard, the former Liverpool captain, doesn’t mind facing Manchester United in the next stage. When Ciudad Colon reporter asked about their last win, the Rangers manager said he’s proud of his team. Also, he said that the support of fans and staff is one of the reasons why he took the job.

A Home in Ciudad Colon, Costa RicaJune 30, 2016 - When I moved to Costa Rica over 15 years ago I imagined myself living in Manuel Antonio or in Escazu. Never would I have thought that I would end up living in the small town of Ciudad Colon which is located just 25 minutes west of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica.

This is my story on how I ended up buying real estate in Ciudad Colon and how I believe that it is the perfect mix of warm weather, calm atmosphere that I was looking for when I chose to move to Costa Rica.

The first time I came to Costa Rica was for a summer vacation with my family back in 1998. We all fell in love with this country from hiking the rainforest to the people and the weather. We did all of the touristy stuff on our first trip which included spending some time in Manuel Antonio, checking out the coffee and cacao plantation, doing the rainforest tours and the volcanoes.

July 26, 2011 – My main reason for wanting to move to Costa Rica was because of the weather while the definitive factor for buy property in Costa Rica was because of how much money I could save in Costa Rica.

After living over 5 years in Costa Rica on a limited budget, I have come to adopt the Tico mentality in terms of shopping, in short I am used to paying low prices in Costa Rica when it comes to buying food, clothes and household items.

This being said, I am very aware of any price changes and I am always out looking to saving when it comes to shopping and use every weapon in my arsenal to find shopping bargains in Costa Rica.

August 9, 2011 - Costa Rica has a long history of being a great place for people to retire in a comfortable setting that includes excellent weather, low cost of living and bargain properties in Costa Rica but in the past few years, people are being skeptical about whether this is still true.

The main reason behind these allegations is because of the current price of real estate in Costa Rica and the current global economy.

In the last couple of days, the DOW Jones has been taking a hit which concerns many in Costa Rica due to its close ties to the United States.

Tips for Buying Costa Rica PropertiesMay 11, 2011 - Costa Rica may be a haven for expats but when it comes to buying property in Costa Rica, one should always proceed with care and caution. In every country, the real estate laws are different and can easily throw off the new home buyer as well as the experienced home buyer.

This article is meant to give you some general tips on buying Costa Rica properties to help you make the right choice when buying your dream home in Costa Rica.

Over Analyzing - Do not over analyze. One of the most common mistakes made by house hunters is over analyzing each house. I am not saying to jump at every house you look at but making a check-list of all of the features you want in a house is a good idea and then you can weigh the pro and cons in an effective manner.